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About Us

Leading-edge Services.
Leading-edge Service.

Based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, near the state capitol of Jackson, InterFirst Merchant Services provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with an entire range of fast, secure and effective payment solutions—from hardware to software and everything in between. But products and services aren’t the focus of our business.

You are.

Comprehensive, personalized customer service & education are our top priorities. Share with us your goals and challenges, and we’ll bring our knowledge and experience to bear on helping you find the most effective solutions. Our goal is to help you streamline the way you do business. So you can operate more efficiently and find success more effectively.

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The Man Behind InterFirst Merchant Services

David Conn

David Conn founded InterFirst Merchant Services because he saw a need for a higher degree of personalized customer service in the arena of payment processing. Other companies may provide similar services, but nobody else beats David’s commitment to customer education and satisfaction.

With more than 30 years of experience in business—more than 20 of them spent at the helm of a $15,000,000 company—David’s philosophy is one of honesty and fairness in every aspect of customer service. More recently, he bought and sold two restaurants over the span of six years, and now brings all of the lessons he’s learned in business to a long list of satisfied clients at InterFirst Merchant Services.